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Why I Don’t Smoke Distillates Anymore

OK, let me paint a picture for you. You smoke a lot of weed, but you are still looking for something to hit harder. Someone has suggested trying concentrates, but you don’t want to commit to buying a dab rig just yet. Your local budtender suggests a distillate vape cart as it is easier to get into than a dab rig. You buy it and take it home, you enjoy the sweet flavor and quick high. Twenty minutes later, you find yourself taking another couple of pulls, and ten minutes after that you need three more. Are you frustrated yet?

That is why I don’t smoke distillates anymore. Sure, the flavors can be fantastic! Root beer, mango, citrus lemon, and more. The problem is that all you are vaping is straight THC with no terpenes. If you remember my earlier posts, I spoke about how essential terpenes are to your high.

Straight THC is like a car that can only go forwards and reverse. THC goes up to the brain and then leaves the brain. It’s a two-way road that is straight with detours. Don’t you want to take a better trip (pun intended) with the ability to steer it through a turn or two? Maybe you want to take a detour off-road to check out some of the beautiful scenery and maybe make the trip last longer? Luckily for us, Terpenes help the car steer and take those turns and detours. When terpenes are in your THC car, they can take you anywhere before leaving the brain. This, my friends, is why I only smoke Live terpene Sauce or Live resin/rosin carts.

I always felt that I was smoking more and more distillates to keep the high going. With Live terp sauces, I find I am smoking less because the effects last longer, and since I turn down the power of my pen so that the natural terpenes find their way into my body, I'm not burning the oil as fast. This all leads to extra savings in my pocket since the cart lasts longer!

If you like natural flavors of strains and quality effects that last longer than your average distillate cart, then it’s time to grab a live resin cart and change your game up.

My favorite carts in no particular order!

1. Natural History – LA Kush Cake terp sauce cart

It is a fantastic gassy flavor that provides a heavy and hazy high as it works into the body.

2. Black NGL – Sour grape

The delicious sweet gas flavor chills the body out and gets you ready for a heavy nap

3. Greybeard – Nuken

Incredibly rich, sweet flavor that packs a heavy punch. This is one of the best live resin carts. The taste, along with the high, is a next-level heavy hitter.

4. Dab Bods – Pineapple Punch

The perfect daytime resin. Slight pineapple sweetness to the taste that brings your brain clear-headed get-shit-done energy.

5. White NGL Blueberry Mountain Rush

The classic Sativa effect is not too heavy on the energy side. You get a bit of a body chill with this cart. However, the flavors are incredible, the bursting of grapes soaked in butter. Sweet, rich, and you’ll find yourself smoking more to get that flavor!

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