This is the story of the little guys

Who is GreenSpot?

The beginnings of Greenspot Shop Inc started in 2014, when partners David, Lawrence, Darrick, and Luca wondered out loud what it would be like if Cannabis was legal in Calgary, and how we can help our community understand what we already felt - cannabis shouldn’t have the negative social stigma it has.


Collectively with our extensive retail background (over 30 years!), we envisioned the ultimate full service experience for our clients. We’d like you to feel welcome  and part of the Greenspot family, sharing your experiences (new or old), while learning from ours. When we incorporated in 2016, we knew we wanted to bring more to Calgary than just simple transactions, we want you to share our enthusiasm, and the opportunity to be a part of the changing perception that cannabis usage can be safe, responsible, and very much a part of a thriving lifestyle.


Since then, we have been researching, devouring information, and developing our world-class team to ensure that when you stop in at Greenspot Shop, you’ll learn about new innovations, high quality product lines, and our first-hand experiences. Regardless of your experience from beginner to veteran cannabis usage, our goal is to make sure our passion is contagious!


Conveniently located in Calgary on iconic McLeod Trail in the heart of Kingsland, we’d love for you to stop in and experience Greenspot Shop as we intended, Calgary’s premier place to be where you are always welcome.

GreenSpot Timeline


Greenspot Corporation

is born

Summer 2018

Construction on our new home begins

Jan 2020

Store Opens

Fall 2018‚Äč

Cannabis become Legal in Canada

Winter 2019

Opening soon for your experience

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GreenSpot is a Recreational Cannabis store in Calgary