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Buying OZ’s in the Legal Market

If you're anything like me, you smoke a lot of cannabis. And smoking a lot of cannabis can cost a lot of money. So, it's more consumer-wise to buy big and save some cash!

The problem is that those OZ bags are a significant buy. If you don't enjoy the strain or it's an awful lot of weed, you just bought 28 g's of weed that either doesn't hit or it's so poorly cured and dried that it's hard to smoke.

Well, this is how we solve that issue moving forward.

First things first, Stop looking at the THC level as the primary indicator of what's the best. I know the government has made it so THC makes the selling point, but I am here to tell you it is not the primary reason to buy your bag.

The primary thing you should be asking your budtender is what the terpene levels are for each bag?

If your bud is over 2%, you are on your way to a guaranteed good smoke. Hopefully, you've already created a cannabis journal to figure out which are your favorite strains and terpenes. That way, you can find what smoke will hit you right.

The second thing to ask your budtender is what the bag feels like or what the jar sounds like?

If the bag is crunchy and a lot of air has been sealed into the product's tiny space, that's a no. DO NOT BUY THAT BAG! You are looking for a nice, almost spongey feeling and as little air in the bag as possible. If the product is served in a jar or container, give it a small back and forth shake.

If you hear a bunch of tiny dry buds flopping around in there, then also, no-go. You want heavy little thuds of big buds slapping into the jar.

If your local budtender doesn't let you feel the bag, stop shopping there, or I hope you trust them and their opinion.

The third thing to look out for is THC level because without the first two steps, then high THC means you might get blazed for 20 minutes then burn out hard. I have personally smoked 22% bud with a high terpene count in the 4% that has put me on my ass compared to a 31% THC – 1% terpene bud which sure, I got blazed, but not for long and not as strong as the high terpene bud.

The 4th thing you should be looking at is price. Keep in mind that cannabis is priced like alcohol in a sense. The higher quality small-batch craft will be more expensive than the giant corporation weed grown in massive lots.

You truly get what you pay for when it comes to the OZ. If an OZ is $75 don't expect to enjoy it. Honestly, I know the price looks good, but you will have to smoke 4 times the cannabis even to come close to getting the effect you are expecting. Mid-range OZ's can be great, but make sure you take the steps and look at your buying product. When looking at OZ's sitting at the $180-$240 price point, you should expect quality on all levels. Terps, THC, Dry, and cure. I will say this about the OZ game right now. Money talks. Spend a bit more and get something you will enjoy instead of being stuck at home with 28 g's of schwag you would've bought in a parking lot in the '90s.

When it comes to the OZ game, here are my choices and winners in the category I have purchased so far.

High Quality:

Joi Botanicals – Electric Ave

Joi Botanicals – Purple Punch Mints

Top Leaf – La Kush Cake

Mid Range:

Big Bag of Buds – Black Cherry Punch

Big Bag of Buds – Lemon Margy

½ OZ bags:

MTL – Sage 'n' Sour

Natural History – LA Kush Cake

Bold – Dosi x Lemon G

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