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The Health & Wellness Section In Your Shop

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Sure, we all love to get THC inside the brain. Whatever your preferred method (bong, joint, dabs, carts, edibles, and more), there is some real quality starting to hit the market. But an often overlooked menu in the legal cannabis game is the Health & Wellness section, which has recently boomed with unique products. One of the enormous benefits of legalization is the money pumped into research. This brings us new and amazing creations, from cannabis oils to bath bombs.

We see everything from 1:1 Sports Gel to CBN Oils for sleep on the market. It’s a big world now, so let’s talk about some cool new stuff on the market!

True North CBD Honey Sticks – An excellent way to ingest your CBD daily. If you’re a tea or coffee drinker, it’s as easy as adding that honey stick into your morning drink. CBD tends to work better when ingested daily like a multi-vitamin, so this could be a simple way to add it into your daily routine. There is 20mg CBD per stick, and it comes with 50 in a pack for around $50. A 1$ a day to get your daily CBD!

48North Latitude Sex Pot Intimacy Oil – The Bedroom always needs more cannabis. I’ll let 48North explain their product as the write-up is excellent!

“ Explore new depths of arousal with Sex Pot Intimacy Oil. This sensuous blend of aphrodisiac oils with Damiana, Jasmine, and Rose, is infused with the natural power of THC to stimulate natural chemistry and enhance glide. To start, massage roughly a palm’s worth of oil (~12-20mg THC) topically into erogenous areas and allow 20 minutes for full effect. This luxurious pre-lube is designed to elevate your O, whether on your own or with a partner. Sex Pot is not compatible with latex condoms and not intended for consumption; ingestion in trace amounts may yield a psychoactive experience.

Pura Earth CBD Japanese Cedar Bud Face Serum was an interesting product when I first saw it. I’ve never been a face cream type of person. So, I bought it. This serum has a soft smell of fresh cedar bud and goes on smooth, soothing, and doesn’t leave my face greasy. I’ve been using it semi-daily for the last few months (the same bottle, you don’t need much, and it doesn’t waste the amount that comes out), and I can honestly say, It’s great. Does it make me look younger? I don’t know, but I will say that I like whatever the CBD does. It feels great and has become a part of my routine. I will be buying another bottle when I get low. By the way, this ended up being a great Xmas gift for my sister.

Those are just three amazing products you can purchase on the market right now. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Every month new and unique products are hitting the shelves, and because the legal market is so young, it’s hard to wade through the massive number of new items in a shop, so you might have to ask your budtender what they have. Get a THC/CBD bath bomb. Just TREAT YO’SELF!

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