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At Greenspot, we are your 'small guys with a big vision.' We are a dispensary in Calgary that's locally owned and operated by born and raised Calgarians! Our store is located at 7523 Macleod Trail SW, and you can easily get to our hemp store from anywhere in Calgary.

We are ready to provide the Calgary Cannabis Community with first-class, knowledgeable, and caring experiences cultivating a positive culture towards the cannabis and the industry.


Our mission is to make you feel at home, provide the best recreational cannabis-based products available in the market, and share our insights and personal experiences to help make navigating perfect products simpler, always with a smile, and do it consistently with the highest standards.

At Greenspot we genuinely believe long-lasting relationships are the key to a great retail guest experience. Hopefully, we can become your "BUDDie" and your go-to weed dispensary in Calgary.

Image by Devon Hawkins

Greenspot is a premier Calgary weed dispensary, and we strive to bring you the relief you need in a CBD product you can trust. To help make your selection a little easier, we rounded up some of the highest quality marijuana products available for relief, including some of the best cannabis strains in town at competitive prices!

In addition, we're proud to be your go-to for all your cannabis products that contain just CBD, THC, or a combination of both. With our knowledgeable staff that are here day-in and day out for your needs, it doesn't matter what size order or how many questions there might be--we've got everything covered!


Come and choose from our curated cannabis collection of high quality and targets specific cannabis experiences.

The Only One-stop Dispensary in Calgary for All Your Cannabis Needs

Curated Cannabis Products for Your Enjoyment

Image by Farouk Mechedal

Why Choose GreenSpot?

As one of our customers said, “GreenSpot is the place where your old dealer shops!!”


Our guiding principles have always guided us to make the best experience and set the Green Standard in the Canadian Cannabis space!   Near or Far- we hope your choice when you are in Calgary will be Greenspot!

G - Guest Centric

R - Respect

E - Empathy

E - Execution

N -  Next Level

Image by Farouk Mechedal

Best Curated Menu!

Our menu is curated by us the Owner’s to offer the best value and products for every level of smoker.  Greenspot’s menu is curated based on in house taste testing, guests’ feedback, building strong relationships with licensed producers to ensure we are the first to know when new must have products are launching. WE confidently can stack our menu against any shop in YYC and be confident we will come out on top. We take the guess work out of what is good, everything on our menu is tried and tested to ensure it hits our standards!

Image by Farouk Mechedal

What we Offer?

We pride our selves on education first.  Looking for a something to hit that specific need, or are you looking to try something new before like a concentrate?  What ever it may be, our team is the best when it comes to knowledge.  Let us show you everything and try to pair you with exactly what you're looking for


On top of educations we have so much to choose from and it just keeps growing.


  • Dry Flower and Milled Flower

  • Wide variety of concentrates.  Resins, Diamonds, Shatters, Hash, Rosins

  • Pre roll offerings in singles all the way to an 80 pack

  • Prefilled vape carts in distialates, full spectrum and live resin format

  • Topical creams and bath bombs for sore muscles

  • Sublingual oils/Strips (placed under the tongue and held there for 30 seconds before swallowing),

  • Award winning Chocolates!

  • Hard Candies

  • Capsules, 

  • CBD Based!  1:1 1:25   or just CBD darn it!

  • Cold beverages on site.   

Image by Farouk Mechedal

Provincial Regulations

An adult (18+) in Alberta is legally allowed to possess up to 30 grams of legally produced dried-cannabis (or the equivalent volume in other forms) in public.

The Government of Canada has developed ratios for other cannabis products that can be used to determine a possession limit for those products.
One (1) gram of dried cannabis is equivalent to:

5 g of fresh cannabis

15 g of edible product

70 g of liquid product

0.25 g of concentrates (solid or liquid)

1 cannabis plant seed

Image by Farouk Mechedal

Why Buy Legal?

There are many reasons why buying legal cannabis is important and a great way to get your favourite products. So, let us share some of those reasons with you.  Legal cannabis is rigorously tested and regulated.  Testing looks for harmful pesticides and any other harmful substances that may be present to ensure you aren’t ingesting anything that could make you sick.  Regulations enable any cannabis products to be recalled if any concerns arise.

Plus! Potency is verified and labels have accurate information, so you know for a fact how much THC and/or CBD is in your products.

There are safeguards for you, children and pets.  Legal cannabis is packaged in very plain packaging, so it doesn’t appeal to children or teens.

The packaging is also child resistant, so it is tough for any child to get into, which is essential, so your little one doesn’t accidentally consume any cannabis products.  There are maximum THC limits on legal edible cannabis—which decreases the risks of childhood poisonings.

Health Canada requires all legal products to have accurate information on the label, which helps you make informed choices.

With so many choices/places to purchase your recreational cannabis, the decision to shop at the best dispensaries is not an easy choice. With so many factors to consider it is important you choose a cannabis dispensary that hits the mark in all areas not just a couple, NOT ALL dispensaries are created equally!!
When selecting your “SPOT” some points that need to be considered before you commit come down to the experiences provided in store, educated budtenders who can communicate effectively, best products in market, professionalism, and price. This is a lot to consider finding the best of the best, at GreenSpot we pride ourselves in being a premium cannabis retailer in Calgary Alberta. Our menu is curated by us for our guests, selecting the best products for any experience level, from the hardcore smokers to the just getting into it, we have you covered. We lead every interaction with education in the forefront and work to understand our guests needs to suggest the best products for them.


  • Fair pricing                                                                                                    

  • Passionate knowledgeable team

    • Over 15 years’ experience in the cannabis industry

    • Legacy to legal

    • We are not just friends- we want to be “Buddies”

  • Click N’ Collect

  • Local Independent – make it your “SPOT & BRAND”

  • Conveniently located in the iconic Macleod Trail with amazing hours for our Buddies!

  • Loyalty Program

  • Bomb-Ass Apparel!

Image by Farouk Mechedal

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